Organizational Teamwork

A Violence-Free Vermont is Possible

Every Vermonter has the right to live a life free from violence.

We Are Optimistic

The good news is that domestic and sexual violence are preventable—and we know the solutions. But implementing them requires an investment.

We are Organized

Uplift VT is a grassroots community of survivors, allies, and business leaders who are dedicated to promoting awareness about the impact of violence in our communities. Our mission is to support and train advocates to create change through storytelling, community outreach, public speaking, and legislative advocacy.

We Are Ready

Join us now to tell Vermont lawmakers that it’s time to make violence prevention a priority for our state.

Our Programs Change Lives

Survivors Uplift

A loose collective of survivors across the state who are actively working to make change in our communities, we believe that a violence-free VT is not only possible but that together we can make it a reality.

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Businesses Uplift

We’re proud to have a coalition of Vermont business leaders who have pledged to actively engage in learning and activism that fosters a violence-free Vermont.

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Uplift Conversations

This podcast explores big concepts like white supremacy culture and patriarchy with experts, breaking them down into manageable insights to help dismantle harm in everyday life and better support survivors, aiming to make a significant impact on listeners and their communities.

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In Vermont, we care about our neighbors and value our state as a safe place to live, work, and raise a family. Yet, thousands of Vermonters experience domestic or sexual violence each year- usually behind closed doors.

If we want to do better for our kids and the next generation of Vermonters, we need to prevent this violence before it starts. Vermont currently does not invest any state dollars in violence prevention. It’s time for our lawmakers to ensure that violence has no place in Vermont. Investing in violence prevention should be a priority for our state. 

What’s New With Uplift

Listen now to our new podcast Uplift Conversations where we dig into the social and community contexts that contribute to a culture where violence can thrive and what we can all do as individuals and members of communities to change that culture of violence and create a world in which all people can live free.