How Do We Get a Violence-Free Vermont?

A Violence-free Vermont is possible and yet the process of getting there can feel overwhelming and daunting. We get it. If you are like us and are also on a journey of trying to find ways to dismantle harm within your everyday life- with family, kids, work, all the things- this podcast is for you! Over the course of these episodes, we discuss really big, overwhelming concepts with experts across the state and beyond. Things like white supremacy culture, the patriarchy, and how we can support the survivors in our lives better.

With the help of our experts, we attempt to break down these concepts into bite-sized nuggets of understanding that we can all integrate into our lives to make a big impact on ourselves and our communities. We know we are going to learn a lot through this work and our hope is that every episode will have something for everyone regardless of your identity.

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Jessica Barquist


Jessica is a catalyst for change. She uses her strategic visioning and project management skills to dream up roadmaps to a world in which all people have what they need to thrive. She is proud to have designed and implimented the Network’s Uplift Vermont campaign to engage all Vermonters in our vision for a violence-free future and to advocate for public policy that directly impacts the lived experiences of survivors. Jessica is most energized when she can support and empower others to use their voices and power for positive social change. Even when she is not working her passion for change is evident as she can often be found doing something new that absolutely terrifies her, setting goals or challenges for herself, or thinking deeply with her beloveds about life and purpose. Her three kids and menagerie of animal companions keep her on the move most of the time but when she does sit still it is often to bask in the sun with a good book and a cup of tea or coffee.

Llu Mulvaney-Stanak


Llu is a change agent and creative force living in Vermont. Currently, they are rocking their dream job as the Station Manager of WGDR/WGDH, a newly community-owned, but 50-year-old radio station in Central Vermont. They are a lifelong Vermonter, parent of a magical 5-year-old, and major nerd and techy. They are proud to be a community organizer, helping to lead organizations through significant moments and communities to action. They’ve helped the state’s only queer youth organization survive near closure, worked on political campaigns to help elect bold leaders, and led the effort to build an LPFM radio station from scratch in Burlington.

After hours, Llu taps into their creative nature, curating music for a long-time weekly community radio show and creating videos and audio projects that tell deeper stories about the lives of Vermonters and the impact of organizations.

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