Low/No Fragrance Workplace Policy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In support of members of our community that experience chemical sensitivity, the Vermont Network is a low fragrance/fragrance free workplace. We request all staff and guests visiting our office and attending off-site events hosted by the Vermont Network use no fragrance, fragrance-free, or low fragrance products. Fragrance-free personal products are the safest option for those who experience chemical sensitivities.  Products labeled fragrance-free mean no chemical fragrances have been added.   Unscented means chemicals have been added to take away smells which can be harmful to those who experience chemical sensitivity.

Here is some additional guidance to be as fragrance-free as possible when you are attending a meeting or event:

Personal Products

Please strive to be as scent free as possible. Don’t wear cologne or perfumes to events and be particularly mindful to avoid heavily scented personal products such as scented deodorants, lotions, and hair products.  While natural products containing scents like essential oils are sometimes safe, that isn’t always the case.  If a personal scented product cannot be avoided, please avoid application in the hours prior to the event.

Laundry Soap/Detergents

Fragrance-free laundry soaps are best.  Laundry detergents with strong scents are generally chemically sourced.  If you usually wash your clothes in strongly scented soap, fragrance pearls, or dryer sheets, please wash your clothes in fragrance free detergent to help remove the chemicals prior to an event.  Adding baking soda, or white vinegar can help to remove the additives left on your clothes.

What Happens if Someone Wears Scented Products?

Chemical sensitivities are different for everyone who experiences them, but they can require quick responsiveness to avoid adverse health impacts.  If something you are wearing is causing a chemical sensitivity, you may be asked by a colleague or staff member to change locations, leave the room, or remove the scent (if possible).  We ask you to honor that request.

We appreciate your effort to make our spaces accessible![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]