Chani Waterhouse

Chani Waterhouse is a learner, motivated by a desire to understand the world of humans and an appetite for real justice.  A lover of context, Chani learns most of what she needs to know through engaging with others, especially people who endure marginalization, oppression and violence and its impacts.  Ten years as an advocate with survivors of domestic violence informed her work in batterer intervention.  The insights gained in those years serve as the foundation for her efforts as the Network’s Director of Member Relations.

The unique possibilities that exist in beloved community, diversity, coalition and collaboration propel Chani’s work at the Network.  She helps build and maintain infrastructures that support the resiliency of the Network and its member programs, VT’s coalition to end gender-based violence, and other key partnerships.

Email: [email protected]
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 1112

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