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Welcome to the Network Library

The Library has thousands of resources covering topics to do with ending sexual and domestic violence, serving and supporting all survivors and victims of this violence, and topics that address creating a world free of oppression where actions, beliefs and systems support all people to thrive. There are many materials for advocates working with survivors and educators doing outreach work.

If you are an advocate or volunteer at a member organization and/or member shelter, you are automatically eligible to access resources.

If you work in alliance with the Vermont Network, you may request a library membership.  Email

To request resources:

Email or call 802-223-1302 x 104

  • Resources will be mailed and electronic resources will be emailed.
  • Borrowing time for all hard-copies is one month.

Returns are via the post (VNADSV, P.O. Box 405, Montpelier VT 05601) or brought during office hours to 63 Barre St., Montpelier (8:30 – 4:30).



Educational shorts, training & curricula, full-length documentaries, public service announcements, movies, plays and musicals.


By topic: domestic & sexual violence, children exposed to domestic violence, dating violence, bullying, trafficking – prostitution – pornography, cultural competency, marginalized communities, economic justice, the criminal and civil justice system, etc.


BEST PRACTICES – coming soon

National and State coalition publications

JOURNAL ARTICLES  - coming soon

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