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About Us / Our Story

The Vermont Network is Vermont’s leading voice on domestic and sexual violence. The Network is a statewide non-profit 501c3 membership organization which was founded in 1986. Our members are 15 independent, non-profit organizations which provide domestic and sexual violence advocacy to survivors of violence in Vermont. Find our staff directory here.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create a world free from oppression where actions, beliefs and systems support all people to thrive.

Our Core Work

We grow changemakers.

We offer training and leadership development programs to provides training to hundreds of advocates each year. We offer leadership development and mentoring for advocates, convene a biannual statewide conference and bring activists across disciplines together to make change.

We connect communities.

We support direct services organizations to align, respond and take action. We strengthen the organizational health of our Member Organizations and connect national innovators to local approaches.

We elevate voices.

We engage in public policy advocacy and organizing to change the conversation about domestic and sexual violence in Vermont. We lobby for survivor-centered laws. We engage survivors in activists in advocating for change and activate networks of individuals to take action.

We support the margins.

We provide grow statewide direct services programs to serve marginalized survivors such as incarcerated survivors, victims who are deaf or hard of hearing and victims who seek medical care related to assault.

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