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Our purpose is to create a world free of oppression where actions, beliefs & systems support all people to thrive.

Our 2023 Policy Agenda

  • Addressing abusive litigation
  • Adding coercive control to the relief from abuse statute
  • Prohibiting persons subject to final protection orders from posessing firearms
  • Expanding restorative justice options for victims
  • Addressing survivor needs in human trafficking statutes
  • Changing the legal standards for harassment and discrimination
  • Campus sexual violence responses and prevention
  • Investments in affordable housing and homeless system response
  • Survivor protections in evictions
  • Paid family and medical leave
  • Sustainable funding for core victim services
  • A reform and trauma-informed approach to replacing the women’s correctional facility
  • Funding for sustainable Domestic Violence Accountability Programming

Other Legislative Coalitions We Support

The Vermont Network is proud to support the work of:

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