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Living Into Liberated Spaces Series

Living Into Liberated Spaces Series

The Vermont Network invites you to our virtual conference sessions:

Session 1: Creating Organizations That Reflect our Values- Registration for this session is now closed. 

How can we create organizational practices that reflect our expressed values? How can staff, organizational leaders and funders support organizations to this end?  Join our panelists to explore leading, funding and supporting organizations in ways that move toward the collective liberation we seek.

Session 2: What is Accountability? – Registration for this session is now closed. 

What is accountability, and how is this understanding changing in our movement?  What does accountability a really mean for survivors, people who have caused harm, communities, systems and movements?  Join our panel of activists, leaders and survivors as they consider this question with us.

Session 3: Criminal Justice Reform and the Movement to End Gender-Based Violence: What’s the Call for Change?- Registration for this session is now closed. Contact with questions

The mainstream movement to end gender based violence has worked for decades alongside the criminal legal system. The disproportionate impacts of this system have created a reckoning and calls for change.  What is being asked of the movement to end gender based violence, and how will we answer the call?

Session 4: Innovative Practices Toward Liberation

Join in as our panelists share their experiences in working to uproot violence and oppression in their communities.  They will share stories of successes and challenges engaging innovative approaches to serving survivors and communities most impacted by violence.


  • September 10 – October 1st, 2021
  • Fridays
  • 10 AM – 12 PM EST
  • Zoom
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