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State, National and International Links

State of Vermont

About Restraining Orders in Vermont at
Contents: Overview of Civil vs. Criminal Law; Relief from Abuse Orders; Moving to Another State with a Relief from Abuse Order; Enforcing your Out-Of-State Order in VT

Protect Kids
Sexual abuse prevention resources from the Vermont Agency of Human Services

Vermont Automated Notification Service
A service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or Internet to search for information regarding the custody status of their offender and to register to receive telephone and e-mail notification when the offender’s custody status changes. The toll-free number for the VAN Service is 866-976-8267.  This service is provided to assist Victims of Crime who have a right to know about their offender’s custody status.

Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council Domestic Violence Page
Vermont statistics on domestic violence – youth and adult.

Vermont Department for Children and Families
Information on food and fuel assistance, health insurance, and more.

Vermont Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission Report 2015
Data regarding fatalities for 2015 and updates for statistical information dating back to 1994 including recommendations.

Other Services and Organizations in Vermont

There are many services and organizations in Vermont that can help when you are in trouble. See below for a brief description of some of the services and organizations that may be helpful to you.

The Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence has 15 Member Programs that provide services and support to victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Each of these programs have 24-hour hotline. Some, but not all, of these programs provide emergency shelter.

24 Hour Hotline
Specialized Services
Medical Help
Legal Services
Services for Victims of Crime
Economic Services
Vermont Sex Offender Registry
Finding other services in Vermont

What is a Hotline?
The sexual assault hotline offers 24 hour access to advocates specializing in crisis support. Callers can receive information on emergency legal information and help in accessing emergency care health services including hospital advocacy. Callers also receive emotional support, information and individual advocacy regarding social services and information about local support groups (that occur by phone or in person) and therapists. For services offered in your county, please contact your local Network Program.

Who can call the Hotline?
Anyone can call the hotline for assistance. The hotline is anonymous. Please call if:

  • you are a survivor or victim of sexual or domestic violence and seek support and information about services or you just want to talk
  • you are a friend or family member or concerned individual regarding a sexual or domestic violence and don’t know what to do
  • you are unsure whether or not you have been sexually assaulted and want more information and support
  • you are unsure whether or not you are in an abusive relationship
  • you were assaulted in the past and are seeking services

Specialized Services

    • Deaf Victims Advocacy Service (DVAS) serves all signing and non signing deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, and deaf-blind individuals to enhance awareness and education about crimes and abuse.

    Voice or Videophone 802-526-2262
    Toll free TTY hotline is 800-303-3827

    • VT Coalition of Supervised Visitation Programs – All of the Visitation Centers provide the following services: fully supervised visits and supervised exchange services. Please contact individual centers for a list of any additional services and fees for service.

    Medical Help

    Medical examination and treatment is free to all victims and survivors of sexual assault in Vermont and can be performed in a variety of health care settings. This includes free follow-up exams. You do not need health insurance to receive these services. Contact your local health care provider or clinic for more information. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) are available at local hospital emergency rooms. They are trained in examination of sexual assault victims and will:

    • provide immediate treatment against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases
    • provide HIV testing and prophylaxis
    • collect evidence for use in legal proceedings – this evidence will not be used without your permission

    For more information, click here.

    Legal Services

    Vermont Legal Aid is a non-profit law firm organized into specialized projects serving clients from six offices located throughout Vermont.

    Have Justice – Will Travel is a non-profit organization that brings legal and social services into the rural communities of Vermont. It provides in-home consultations, transportation to and from court hearings and free legal representation for low-income Vermonters who are victims of domestic and sexual violence.

    Services for Victims of Crime

    Center for Crime Victims’ Services provides compassionate, victim-centered services to Vermont’s victims of crime. Some of their services include:

    The Vermont Victim Assistance Program
    The Center maintains advocates in the Attorney General’s and State’s Attorneys’ offices throughout Vermont’s fourteen counties. Victim advocates guide victims through the criminal justice process and serve as a liaison with the State’s Attorneys and other criminal justice agencies. Many counties have “specialized” advocates who focus solely on cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.
    Victim advocates provide information on the status of court cases, notify victims of hearings, prepare victims to testify, and assist victims with applications for victims compensation. They also assist victims with completing Victim Impact Statements, requesting restitution, and requesting notification of their offender’s release. In addition, advocates provide short-term counseling and emotional support to victims, accompany them to court, and help to ensure that they are not re-victimized by the criminal justice process.

    Victim Restitution Unit The State of Vermont Restitution Unit was created by Vermont’s legislature to address the financial hardship caused to crime victims by having to wait for an offender to pay their restitution. For any restitution ordered on or after July 1, 2004, the Restitution Unit is able to pay a victim their restitution as soon as it has been ordered by the court. The payments are made from a newly created Restitution Fund. The Restitution Unit will then collect the outstanding amount from the offender and reimburse the Fund. If you have questions about the court-ordered offender restitution, or about the Restitution Unit, please call.

    Victim Compensation The Victims Compensation Program provides limited financial assistance to victims of violent crime who have experienced a financial loss as the direct result of the crime, as long as the loss is not reimbursable through other sources, such as insurance.

    • Local (Vermont) Phone:1-800-750-1213
    • Phone: 1-802-241-1250
    • TTY (Vermont): 1-800-845-4874

    Economic Services

    A range of financial assistance programs are available through DCF’s Economic Services Division including health care (VHAP and Dr. Dynasaur), food stamps, emergency response (EA/GA), Reach Up, heating assistance and more. There are specific eligibility criteria associated with each program and advocacy is important to ensure access to as broad a range of resources as possible for each individual. To find out more go to

    Unemployment Compensation Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking who have left work voluntarily because of the violence they are experiencing and who are ineligible for traditional unemployment compensation benefits, may apply to the Vermont Department of Labor (DOL) for benefits through the Transitional Employment Program. Its purpose is to provide temporary, partial wage-replacement to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking who need to leave work because of violence.

    Housing Assistance The Vermont State Housing Authority offers a Domestic Violence Preference for individuals and families who are homeless and seeking subsidized housing. There is specific eligibility criteria to qualify for the program. Local housing authorities may have strategies or policies that assist victims of domestic and sexual violence in accessing affordable housing in your local area though this is an increasingly difficult area of resources advocacy.

    Sex Offender Registry

    The Vermont Department of Public Safety maintains the Sex Offender Registry.
    Generally, offenders who were convicted of sexual offenses, as defined by law, on or after 7/1/96, or released on or after that date, in Vermont or any other state, are required to register.
    If you have been the victim of sexual violence and your offender has been convicted and sentenced for the crime, you have the right to be notified by the Vermont Sex Offender Registry in writing of that offender’s current address. This notification is to be made promptly, both when the offender initially registers with the Vermont Sex Offender Registry and anytime the offender changes his/her address.
    To be notified of the offender’s location, you must complete a Victim Notification Form and return it to the Vermont Sex Offender Registry.

    Finding Services in Vermont

    Dialing 211 will connect you to an operator who can assist you in finding local and state resources of any kind.


    Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence
    A national resource center and clearinghouse on gender violence in Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities.

    Futures Without Violence
    Futures Without Violence advocates for national policy development and develops professional training programs, educational materials and public actions designed to end violence against women, children and families around the world.

    Honor Our Voices
    An innovative online training program that aims to elevate children’s voices, so that service providers may better hear, understand, and respond to the children and families they serve.

    Legal Momentum
    The nation’s oldest legal defense and education fund dedicated to advancing the rights of all women and girls

    National Alliance to End Sexual Violence
    An organization dedicated to advancing and strengthening public policy on behalf of state coalitions, individuals, and other entities working to end sexual violence and to advocating on behalf of the victim/survivors -women, children and men – who have needlessly suffered the serious trauma of sexual violence.

    National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    A group dedicate to organizing for collective power by advancing transformative work, thinking and leadership of communities and individuals working to end the violence in our lives.

    National Network to End Domestic Violence
    An organization that serves as a leading voice for domestic violence issues in Congress, the Executive Branch and the Federal Courts.

    National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women
    The online resource for advocates working to end domestic violence, sexual assault, and other violence in the lives of women and their children.

    National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
    An organization providing a wide range of free, comprehensive, and individualized technical assistance, training, and specialized resource materials and projects designed to enhance current intervention and prevention strategies.

    National Sexual Violence Resource Center
    The nation’s principle information and resource center regarding all aspects of sexual violence

    Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)
    The United States’ largest anti-sexual assault organization.

    Stop Family
    An organization whose mission is to organize and amplify our nation’s collective voice against family violence.

    Stop It Now!
    A national organization for child sexual abuse prevention.

    Trauma-Informed Care for Women Veterans Experiencing Homelessness: A Guide for Service Providers
    Information written by the Women’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor.


    Hot Peach Pages
    International Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies

    Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center
    The Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center works with abused Americans, mostly women, in foreign countries to provide domestic violence and child abuse advocacy, resources and tools so that they can navigate the complicated jurisdictional, legal & social international landscapes to be able to live their lives free of abuse either in the foreign country or back in the United States.

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