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You can provide support and empowerment by talking to a person about what to expect during a medical exam and asking how you might support them in advocating for their needs

  • People with visual disabilities may need assistance keeping medications in order and reading discharge forms or other medical-related documents. They may need assistance to fill out paperwork.  They may wish to fill out forms on their own with the aid of magnifying devices. Alternatively, they may wish to have you do the writing as they dictate responses.  Remember to allow for privacy by using private office space to complete dictated forms.
  • At a doctor’s office or hospital, people with visual disabilities may have difficulty navigating unfamiliar territory.  Ask them if they need help, and provide support as they request it. A person might wish to take your arm or use a cane or service animal, and these wishes should be respected.
  • Prior to an exam, you may wish to discuss the issue of touch. A doctor, nurse or other medical professional can startle or upset a person by touching him or her unexpectedly.  You can ask if the person wishes to be informed before being touched.