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People with visual disabilities may not be able to read printed pages, or may need accommodations to do so. It is important to ask people if they need help with communication, and if they do, enable them to use the accommodation of their choice whenever possible.

  • Some solutions are quite simple. Print can be enlarged using a number of strategies, including enlarging fonts in electronic documents or on a copy machine, or using a magnifying glass.
  • Technology-based magnifying devices include those that can connect to a TV monitor, and screen reader software that reads text on a computer screen aloud. Other programs can help users navigate through visually-based content. In the case of screen readers, documents may need to be provided on a CD, Flash drive, or other external storage device.
  • Audio recordings provide an alternative to print materials. You can record the information contained in commonly-used documents by reading the text into an audio recorder. Be sure to describe any visual components as best you can.  Your recording can be burned to a CD and put on file for use by other people in the future.