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Accommodation for Visual Disabilities

A person with a visual disability may have a varying range of vision —or no vision at all. They may be accustomed to managing their visual disability, or they may have recently lost their vision, or part of it, and require significant support. It’s generally not important for you to know how much sight is present.  Focus on what the person needs and how you can help them meet their needs.

Respectful Engagement
When a person with a visual disability enters a room, introduce yourself and any others present. Be sure to let the person know if anyone enters or leaves the room. This provides a level of awareness and comfort, facilitating effective, empowered communication…
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Common Accommodations


People with visual disabilities may not be able to read printed pages, or may need accommodations to do so. It is important to ask people if they need help with communication, and if they do, to enable them to use the accommodation of their choice whenever possible…
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You can provide support and empowerment by talking to a person about what to expect during a medical exam and asking how you might help advocate for their needs…
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Most people with visual disabilities live highly independent lives, utilizing a variety of creative strategies, supports and assistive technology. You can support them in making their own choices, and help them to identify and request additional accommodations when necessary…
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People with visual disabilities will generally use public transportation and private transportation services such as taxis, or walk. Some people may have already created a network of transportation providers that suit their needs…
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In Our Own Words

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