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Special Topics

Mandated Reporting/Crisis Worker Privilege

Mandated reporters who are working or volunteering as “Crisis Workers” are specifically exempted from the mandate to report abuse to “vulnerable adults”.  It is a good idea to discuss the issue of vulnerable adults with potential staff and volunteers… More information about mandated reporting and crisis worker privilege


Some people leaving an abusive relationship may need some assistance with daily tasks.  This is not a service that you need to provide, though you can certainly consider the request… Additional information about caregivers

Service Animals

Service animals are not pets, though telling the two apart can be tricky. Service animals are animals that assist a person in their daily functioning. … Additional information about service animals

Person is Refused Services

Sometimes people may seek services repeatedly from a variety of service providers. This can lead to them being labeled “Frequent Fliers” or “problems” and turned away from services … Additional information about people being refused

Legal Protection for People with Disabilities

There are several federal laws that protect people with disabilities from discrimination.
Additional information about legal protection for people with disabilities