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Accommodation for Mobility Disabilities

Many people with mobility issues face access challenges every day—from buildings lacking ramp access to icy sidewalks and doorways too narrow for wheelchair entry. Mobility disabilities can be present at birth, develop later in life, or be caused by a traumatic event. The experiences of people with mobility disabilities can vary widely; so can their attitudes about their disabilities, and their strategies for managing them.

Respectful Engagement

It is important to remember that since their disabilities are often obvious, people with mobility disabilities may have faced discrimination in the past…
Additional information on respectful engagement and mobility disabilities

Common Accommodations


When communicating with a person with a mobility disability, it’s useful to make sure the person is comfortable first. Wait to begin a conversation until seating has been arranged…
Additional information on communication topics regarding people with mobility disabilities


Someone who has a mobility disability may have specific medical concerns—either related to their disability or not. Do not ask about a person’s medical diagnosis. Instead, provide an opportunity for the person to ask for specific accommodations…
Additional information on medical topics regarding people with mobility disabilities


Many people with mobility disabilities live completely independent lives. Often, accomplishing that just takes a little creativity. Some of the people you work with may need little or no assistance. Others may need more support…
Additional information on independence-related topics regarding people with mobility disabilities


Transportation can be a concern for people with mobility disabilities. Access to transportation is critical to people’s independence and their ability to advocate for themselves…
Additional information on transportation topics regarding people with mobility disabilities

In Our Own Words

So What Happened to You – Part_2 (on YouTube)
A clip of people with a variety of disabilities talking about labels, pity, and what it’s like to live with a disability.

Wheelchair Skating – First Wheelchair Backflip (on YouTube)
Filmed at skate parks, this video may change your mind about the “restrictive” nature of wheelchairs.