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A note from Karen Tronsgard-Scott, Director of the VT Network
The VT Network would like to recognize and thank our partners:

  • The VT Center for Independent Living (VCIL)
  • Green Mountain Self Advocates (GMSA)
  • Deaf Vermonters Advocacy Services (DVAS).

VCIL, GMSA and DVAS have played an integral role in the development of this website, collectively providing invaluable consultation on every aspect of the design and content.  This website could not have been created without their support.

Vermont Center for Independent Living

Sarah Wendell Launderville, Executive Director
VCIL is pleased to partner with the VT Network in supporting accessible and responsive advocacy with people with disabilities and people who are Deaf. VCIL is a disability rights organization of people with disabilities working together for dignity, independence and civil rights. The network is an ally that understands the importance of providing universal access so that all people are included.

Green Mountain Self Advocates

Karen Topper, Director
On behalf of GMSA, and all its members, I am excited to have been a part of the development of this website. This site offers practical information to support respectful and empowering relationships between advocates and people with developmental disabilities.

Deaf Vermonters Advocacy Services

Keri Darling, Director
As a long-time partner of the VT Network, DVAS supports efforts by advocacy programs to enhance accessibility for Deaf people.  We are happy to have been part of the team that developed this website, which is an important resource for all advocates.