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Empowering through Accessibility

How can I be helpful? This may seem like a simple question, but asking it can produce powerful results.  In many ways, people with disabilities and Deaf people facing domestic and sexual violence have the same needs as people without disabilities. Yet they may need accommodations that enable them to access your services. Asking how you can help can begin a respectful, productive dialogue that empowers people.

Accommodations for people with disabilities are often easy to make, cost little or no money, and can make a big difference in people’s lives. The skills you need to provide accommodations are the same skills you use every day to help people without disabilities. The first step is listening. Let people tell you what they need.

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The VT Network would like to recognize and thank our partners: The VT Center for Independent Living (VCIL), Green Mountain Self Advocates (GMSA) and Deaf Vermonters Advocacy Services (DVAS).
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