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Staff List

Karen Tronsgard-Scott, Executive Director
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 102

Michael Blair, LAV Project Attorney
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 107

Alex Bottinelli, Clearinghouse & Resource Coordinator
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 104

Kara Casey, Economic Justice and Housing Specialist
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 105

Doreen Fournier Merrill, Community Change Coordinator
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 114

Michele Olvera, Supervising Attorney
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 118

Dana Paull, Associate Director of Finance
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 101

Kelli Risitano, Legal Projects Coordinator
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 108

Sarah Kunz-Robinson, Special Initiatives Coordinator
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 110

Anne Smith, Training & Technical Assistance Coordinator
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 109

Chani Waterhouse, Associate Director of Member Program Support
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 112

Auburn Watersong, Associate Director of Public Policy
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 106

Contracted Positions

Raenetta Liberty, RN, SANE
SANE Program Clinical Coordinator
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 111

Joan Carson, RN, CEN, SANE-A, SANE-P
SANE Program Pediatrics Clinical Coordinator
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 111

Heather Holter
Vermont Council on Domestic Violence Coordinator

Anera Foco
DIVAS Administrative Coordinator

Amy Torchia
Children’s Advocacy Coordinator
Office: (802) 223-1302 x 117

Description of Titles

Executive Director
Responsible for the coordination of activities at the Network; develops and manages Network programs and initiatives; supervises Network staff; provides technical assistance as liaison to local Program Directors, Board of Directors, state agencies, and national organizations.

Clearinghouse & Resource Coordinator
Provides Network Member Programs, Network staff, and partners with access to resources beneficial to their success in serving survivors of domestic and sexual violence and working in their communities toward ending domestic and sexual violence; manages the Network library; maintains a database for state and national mailings.

Associate Director of Public Policy
Coordinates advocacy efforts around legislative and other policy issues at the state and national level; acts as the Network’s lobbyist at the state house; leads the Public Policy Team, in collaboration with the Legislative Committee and Network Member Programs, to develop and implement public policy initiatives; and supports advocates, allies, and victims/ survivors to influence policy.

Associate Director of Finances
Manages Network financial/budgetary planning and operations, including grant budgets, financial reporting, and reimbursement to Network Member Programs.

Training & Technical Assistance Coordinator
Coordinates planning, development and implementation of Network training and other educational opportunities for Member Programs and partners.

Supervising Attorney
Provides leadership for Network legal projects; serves as a liaison with and consultant to partners to support policy development and training related to legal issues for survivors; coordinates technical assistance to Member Programs and partners for criminal or civil legal issues related to domestic or sexual violence, the Legal Assistance to Victims grant, the DIVAS project, and the Court Advocates’ Task Force.

Community Change Coordinator
Works toward increasing support and favorable environments for social change work in both the Network Member Programs and allied organizations; coordinates the prevention of sexual and domestic violence in Vermont; responsible for providing the Network, its Member Programs, and community partners with technical assistance and training in issues that relate to community change.

Associate Director of Member Program Support
Serves as liaison and support person for Network Member Programs and Program staff; leads the Member Program Support Team within the Network; coordinates inter-program meetings around issue areas and helps to connect Program staff with local and national technical assistance resources and training opportunities.

Economic Justice and Housing Specialist

Provides leadership for Network projects related to affordable housing, livable wage employment, financial literacy, transportation, immigration /refugee issues, TANF, and childcare; serves as liaison and consultant with partners to support effective policy development and training related to economic justice issues for survivors of sexual and domestic violence; provides technical assistance to Network Member Programs and partners on issues related to economic empowerment/justice for survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Legal Projects Coordinator
The Legal Projects Coordinator’s primary focus is to improve the response of the criminal justice and civil legal systems to victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence; and to build the capacity of advocates and Member Programs on a local and statewide level, and to assist victims/survivors in navigating these systems.

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