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Batterer Intervention Services

What are Batterer Intervention Services?

Created as a response to the need to increase victim safety through enhanced accountability for domestic violence offenders, batterer intervention services offer programs specifically designed to provide education about domestic violence to men who batter and to motivate men who batter to end their abuse and engage in a process of behavior change.

Statewide Standards for Domestic Abuse Intervention

In 1996, the Vermont Department of Corrections issued the “Statewide Standards for Domestic Abuse Intervention”. These standards were developed by a core committee of Corrections staff, domestic violence victim advocates and batterer intervention providers. They were the first effort in Vermont to create a consistent set of expectations for programs that provided services to men who batter and reflected a national trend in this regard. The work of the core committee drew from efforts to develop standards in many other states and from the experience of providing batterer intervention services in Vermont.

In 2001, the Vermont Coalition of Batterer Intervention Services initiated a process of updating the 1996 Standards. The process was a collaboration involving staff of the Department of Corrections, the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, the Department of Children and Families, batterer intervention providers and members of the Vermont Council on Domestic Violence. This effort resulted in revised Standards adopted in 2005. These revised Standards included, for the first time, a requirement for programs to be certified for their compliance. In 2010, the Standards were updated again.

In 2008, the Vermont Council on Domestic Violence was established in statute. Amongst other duties, the Council was tasked with developing and maintaining Standards for programs that work with domestic violence offenders. Currently, the Batterer Accountability Coordinator, a contracted position reporting to the Council, facilitates the certification process and provides training and technical assistance to batterer programs.

To contact the Batterer Accountability Coordinator, click here.

For more information regarding the Standards, click here.

For a list of Certified Batterer Intervention Service Providers, click here .

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